L82 Construction has a comprehensive Health and Safety Program and maintains a good record with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). L82 consistently strives to ensure compliance with all new regulations to protect it’s most valuable resource… it’s employee’s.

Safety is our top priority.

  • All Foreman have taken the Construction Safety Association of Ontario C.S.A.O supervisor training course.
  • All employees were trained in safety in confined spaces and working in confined spaces in 2004 by Hetek Consulting.
  • All foremen have St. John’s Ambulance First Aid training.
  • Harry Dejonk from C.S.A.O. speaks every year at the annual safety meeting.
  • Foremen are required to hold weekly tailgate meetings on each jobsite.
  • All employees were trained in 2004 on the “Guidelines for Excavating in the Vicinity of Gas Mains” as required by TSSA.
  • All employees are WHMIS trained each year at the annual safety meeting.
  • L82 participates in an “Early Return to Work Policy” as recommended by the WSIB. This entails finding suitable work to accommodate injured workers if at all possible.