L82 Construction with the prime consultant Stantec Consulting submitted a request for proposal to design and build 7.5 km of 1200 mm transmission watermain, which the L82 team was one of four proponents to submit a request for quotation.

During the request for quotation stage the L82 team worked diligently to provide LHPWSS with a system that not only provided water through the transmission main but corrected the history from the prior owners of the pipeline to repair all prior defects through the farm lands. With the vision and the forward thinking of the L82 team we were selected as the preferred design build team.

During the design phase of the project, the L82 team had a value engineering session with LHPWSS to provide a practical system that met or exceeded all of the parameters of the design for this project. The keys to success for the design was to select key personnel to manage the project, provide a system approach design, provide adequate interconnection and termination points, provide a comprehensive quality control and quality assurance and select the pipe material based on suitability, cost, corrosion and operational requirements, life span and life cycle.

During the construction phase of the project, the L82 team implemented all of the design requirements set out in the value engineering session including the installation of the 1200 mm pipe, air release chambers, drain chambers, interconnection chambers, termination chambers, topsoil and horizon B stripping and the restoration of the farm land to pristine conditions.

The removal of the topsoil and horizon B material and all restoration was inspected by Soils Resource Group and Stantec Consulting to ensure the quality of workmanship and to preserve the integrity of soils to be used for productive farm land as soon as possible.

This important project was a difficult and challenging project to say the least, but with hard work, dedication and superior construction techniques the L82 team provided the best possible approach for the design and build of this project. We would like to acknowledge everyone involved with this project including Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System, Ontario Clean Water Agency, Stantec Consulting, EXP Consulting, Purlur Creative, Dielco Industrial contractors, Van Agri, Corix Water Products, Trueline Services, Delko Paving, Theo Vandenberk Construction, North West Pipe Company, Coldstream Concrete, Emco Pipe and Products, Hanson Pipe and Precast, Soils Resource Group and all the stakeholders for all the coordination and teamwork.