L82 Construction Ltd. was incorporated in 1982 and is a heavy civil construction company, specializing in the installation of large diameter sewer and watermains as well as site preparation and project management. Our organization has grown considerably through the strength of its employees and management, attention to detail and of course, quality workmanship. Much of the work L82 undertakes involve complex issues such as environmental issues, traffic management, public relations erosion and sediment control. These challenges are handled proficiently by our project management and on-site staff in order to mitigate any issues that could have an adverse impact on any project.

With a fluid but stable work force of approximately 80 staff and management, L82 is equipped with a reliable and extensive resource of modern state of the art heavy machinery. Administrative support personnel utilize current technology accounting and job costing software/tracking and a pay dirt site quantity program to ensure that budgets are adhered to.

Our reputation earned throughout the construction and engineering community has allowed L82 to be involved in a wide range of construction activities throughout Southwestern Ontario. We have a comprehensive Health and Safety program and our good record with the workplace safety and insurance board (WSIB) consistently ensure compliance with all regulations to protect its most valuable resource… our people.

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Emanuel de Melo, President